About Us

Art Creative Australia is Japanese owned, and started business in 2017.  Our mission is to help Australian signage companies innovate and set new standards of excellence, by making available a quality of boards and panels not previously on the market here.  Our products are made in Japan featuring superior qualities, notably tolerances, durability and light weight.


Today there are three product groups in our line-up:

  • Samurai Board
    An aluminum composite panel of outstanding flatness,  toughness and lightness
  • Goo! Board
    A non-warping polystyrene foam board
  • KOYO 3D Letter Material
    A polyethylene board designed for use in a wide variety of conditions, in thicknesses from 15 to 50 mm, best for 3D signs

This initial product range is just small part of what our suppliers can offer. We have big ambitions, and will always be looking for the opportunity to extend our range.


Art Creative Australia