Samurai board

Excellent Merits and Benefits for your Signage (Aluminum Composite Material)

1. Lightweight 2.04kg/㎡ (old ACM 4.5kg/㎡) saves Time and Labor Cost

  • Fast fabrication and installation with less people
  • Fix Signage with fewer screws (e.g. 4 screws for Totem pole signage )

2. Resistant to Extreme Weather in Japan

  • Severe Summer heat (38℃ Tokyo), Snow Winter, Typhoon (14 times/year)
  • Ultra weather-able Polyester resin coating surface
  • Excellent Pure Foamed PE(Polyethylene) Core

3. Expansion Rate 0.48mm/m (old ACM 2.4mm/m) at 20℃ temperature change

  • Dimensional Stability for your Beautiful Signage
  • Display with smaller gap between signage (e.g. 1mm gap for 2m sign boards)

4. High Rigidity with Flat and Extreme Smoothness by Japanese original laminate technology

  • Excellent Digital Printing Quality



  • Store Signage
  • Field Standing Signage
  • Construction Signage



  • Surface: Glossy White
  • Length x Width: 2440mm x 1220 mm
  • Thickness: 3mm (AP-301AS/AP-302AS) / 4mm (AP-402AS)